Lama Scissors

by InternoitalianoMilan

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Scissors in stainless steel, obtained by twisting a single metal strip — from horizontal to vertical — so that the metal surface becomes comfortable to grip, folded back on itself. The final object, therefore, comprises two identical halves, joined by a pin, that — thanks to a simple gesture — match perfectly.

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Designed by Alessandro Stabile and produced by Premax, 2016

stailess steel

19 x 5,7 x 1,3 cm

0,1 kg

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Internoitaliano is a system for the production of designer furnishings inspired by the Italian way of living, created by Giulio Iacchetti.

At the heart of Internoitaliano is a production system constituted by a network of workshops and manufacturing companies that embody the excellence in the Italian ability to create top-quality products. Internoitaliano, therefore, is truly a “fabbrica diffusa”, a factory network.