Fine Power Bank

by LexonParis

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Why it is a must-have

Designed by Pauline Deltour.
"I knew Lexon before meeting M. Adda. I knew the iconic objects of the brand, but I couldn't imagine the range was so wilde. For me Lexon is a brand that links very easily design and technology, the style and the function. It is also timeless and can be over the trends. Thanks to workshops with M. Adda, I have learnt to see thinks in a different point of view : economical realities are key of our business, and a designer must consider this facts and their consequences. Lexon never stops asking the good questions and to find solutions. Lexon dare taking risks. Lexon approach is industrial, little electronic objects. It was the first time I have worked this kind of objects. There are a lot of constraints, and for me it has been really challenging. I've learnt a lot from workshops with Lexon team which knows perfectly their work and the market."


Safety battery
Opens by sliding
Elastic band to hold the cable

More Details

Weight : 139 g
Powered by : on USB port
Size (cm) : 8,7 x 6 x 1,3cm
Size (inches) : 3.42 x 2.2 x 0.51
Material : ABS / aluminum

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Since 1991, Lexon has established a granted relationship with Creativity. In nineteen years of development and with no compromises, Lexon has remained faithful to its design commitments. Electronics, luggage, travel, office and leisure accessories: this direction is not measured in figures. Sensitivity is its dimension.
And above all, it is about making an object enjoyable for its daily use.
The intimacy that Lexon maintains with its accomplishments is also the one that Lexon casts on you: friendly objects for friendly users. Diversity of technology and material, great signatures and inspiration, they all belong to a great family: senior and young designers meet at last. The marvellous alchemy from blanding generations gives us what we dream of.